ART.i.factory Gallery
930 Baca Street, Suite C
July 23- September 10

Reception: Ice Cream Postal, Friday, August 19, 5-8 pm

It’s the Santa Fe art market, as seen from the outside in. Local art groups SCUBA and Strangers Collective challenged 96 New Mexico artists to create representations of Santa Fe art spaces on 3 x 6 inch tiles. The grid of visual “dispatches” will fill ART.i.factory Gallery, forming a monumental map of the art establishment by artists who often work outside its boundaries. The exhibition will bring two poles of Santa Fe’s art world together for new conversations. Strangers and SCUBA will host a DISPATCH reception on Friday, August 19 from 5-8 pm at Art.i.fact. RSVP to the Ice Cream Postal Facebook event to show your support. Please contact Alex Gill, Jordan Eddy and Kyle Farrell at strangersartcollective [at] gmail.com for additional information.